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HOA Race Pioneer Dies

It’s hard to believe that it was once legal for Homeowners Associations to outlaw the sale of homes to anyone of the ‘wrong’ race. But that’s the shameful racist background of the HOA movement. Homeowners Associations across America once banned the sale of homes to most minorities. It took some brave pioneers to break the HOA racial barriers.

Now, one of those pioneers has died at the age of 85.

Rancorous Racism, HOA Style

guest blog by Dave Russell
I have lived in HOAs for nearly two decades. I have also managed one for five years. Trust me when I tell you, I’ve heard and seen it all. I have also postulated a number of theories as to why HOAs seem to attract some of the craziest folks I have ever met.

I’ve seen seemingly normal neighbors turn into backstabbers, liars and some of the most unreasonable people you’ve ever met. I have seen neighbors hook up, break up, and then turn into complete psychopaths.

Is Your HOA Racist?

Treading where angels fear to go, a columnist for the Press-Enterprise in Inland Southern California wades into the swamp of HOA racism. He ponders whether a Sun City HOA there is racist, because it wouldn’t allow the NAACP to use its meeting house.

Certainly, racism is an oft-documented problem in American HOAs. There are too many such cases to even count. And subtle racism is even harder to measure. But many HOAs across the country have either no minorities at all, or percentages as small as one or two percent. While that’s no way to measure racial divides, it can make one pause and reflect.