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Shadowmoss or Shadowmess?

guest blog by Nila Ridings

Like most HOA issues outside of the one I live in, someone sends me something to take a look at. Shadowmoss was today’s “Take A Look At This!”

It appears in the first video that an older person with one leg and a wheelchair has been contacted by an attorney over $200 in delinquent dues. The process has begun to foreclose and take his home. There is one really decent man among the homeowners that says he’ll pay the $200 on behalf of that homeowner because the money means nothing to him. THANK YOU MR. CONCERNED NEIGHBOR WITH COMMON SENSE AND A BIG HEART! He does question why nobody on the board bothered to talk to the homeowner before unleashing an attorney on him. The answer seems to be the property manager did it!

This is one of the many millions of problems with HOAs. Board members do not want their time occupied with the daily operations of the HOA. So they hand it all over to a property manager who has not been vetted or had any background checks done on them. In the second video you will see how a homeowner took her time to investigate and uncover the truth.

I commend this group of homeowners for trying to recall their board members, investigate the property manager, and get answers to their legitimate questions. They have a nice website with an appeal to their neighbors to get involved. They have posted several videos on youtube of the board meetings as well. I hope they are successful in taking control before they get hit with some big surprises like so many of us living in nightmare HOAs have been.

(link to video on an HOA board vs. a disabled serviceman)

(Shadowmass board embarrassed that they hired an unvetted management company)