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Vanitzian On Pro-Bono

guest blog, permission by Donie Vanitzian (LA Times Columnist)

QUESTION:  For more than two years, I’ve experienced nothing but problems with my homeowner association board and management. They are uncooperative and obstructive. After eliminating all my administrative remedies, I now believe the only way to fix these serious problems is to sue them.

I’ve interviewed three attorneys, but each is requiring a retainer of at least $20,000. Realizing I don’t have enough money to sue the board and the association, I asked each attorney to take the case on a contingency basis. No attorney would agree to that.

HOA Battle in Britain

I thought Brits were supposed to be more polite than Americans. At least the Brits think they are. But Homeowner Associations are endemic around the world. And nasty neighbors can be found anywhere.

But here’s a great nomination for the Neighbors from Hell category from LA Times columnist Donie Vanitzian. It involves a neighborhood battle that’s been going on for forty years in a borough in Tyne and Wear in the northeast corner of England. 89 year old John Bushell has been jailed and fined multiple times over the years because of the unbelievable harassment of his neighbors. Bushell spends a lot of time perfecting his house and garden. But he thinks his neighbors don’t keep up their homes to his standards.