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Road Maintenance: Another Loss for HOA Homebuyers

Many of the Homeowners Associations in Boulder County Colorado have roads that are falling apart. In fact, they’re downright dangerous. A group of homeowners decided to sue the county to force them to repave the rotting public roads.

Well, it seems that some of those public roads aren’t so public after all. The Colorado Court of Appeals has ruled against the homeowners, and told them to pay to maintain their own roads.

What do you think that does to property values? No, your HOA was never intended to protect property values. Never!

(link to lack of road repairs in Longmont Times Call)

NM Homeowners Take-down Their Own Lil’ Hitler

You sure don’t see this kind of thing happen very often. But apparently, a board member in the El Dorado Community Improvement Association is so blinded by her own personal power-lust that just doesn’t get the fact that she’s hated by all her neighbors. She’s torn down political signs on private property, she’s gone after neighbors with backyard chickens, and land-based solar panels. Across the country, petty little people who get elected to HOA boards figure it’s their duty to be the top cop in the neighborhood.

That’s why life in so many Homeowners Associations is rancid.

Fined for Insulting HOA Prez?

Hey! We’re not talking about a very ethical group, here. We’re talking American HOAs.

Yes, you can be fined for insulting an HOA board member. Or even talking to your neighbors about your problems

As you read this story, just remember Baron Acton’s words: “Power corrupts. And absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

(link to WSVN-TV news story about homeowner who was fined for talking back)




The Biggest CAI Lie Of All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A CAI lawyer testifying in front of the Arizona Legislature made what have to be some of the biggest gaffes or the biggest lies in CAI’s checkered history. First he said, “The government that governs best is that closest to the people.”

He seriously screwed up. The actual quote was from Henry David Thoreau who attributed the words to Thomas Jefferson. The quote was: “That government is best which governs least.” That’s a far cry from what this dopey lawyer told the Legislature.

His next gaffe is when he says that “HOA Boards are, in effect, little tiny governments.”

We’re Winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy Cow! Little by little property rights advocates are winning the battle against abusive HOA boards, officers and management companies.

Nevada blogger, Tim Stebbins writes about what could be a landmark in the corrupt HOA network in his state. A Nevada official has issued a clear warning to the HOA monsters to stay off the backs of homeowners!

A great blogpost, Tim!

(click on this ‘must read’ blogpost from Henderson, Nevada)