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These Homeowners Will Lose A Bundle

Ever heard of Keizer? It’s a small community next to Interstate 5 in Central Oregon. And homeowners in the McNary Estates Homeowners Association are about to end up in a giant bloodbath because of stupid HOA leaders. And I mean Stoopid, with a capital ‘S.’

How many times do we hear of HOAs breaking state and federal law protecting handicapped people? You can’t discriminate against them. It’s blatantly illegal and it’s almost an automatic jury verdict of millions. Now, with the mistreatment of the family of a disabled girl, the family has filed a lawsuit. This HOA essentially chased this tragic family out.

Guess what’s next? Special assessments. Every homeowner in McNary Estates will get a sudden bill to pay up his or her fair share of the money this family will win. Wanna buy a home there? Heck, betcha you can pick one up right now…real cheap!

Another HOA ‘protecting’ your property values.