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Colorado HOA Forbids Radon Mitigation

Colorado has lots of uranium and other radioactive materials in the soils. It also has lots of radon gas, which it absolutely a carcinogen. When a woman in a home in the Stapleton HOA found radon and wanted to put in a mitigation system, the HOA told her “Nope! No way!”

Now, all sorts of people are trying to embarrass this HOA into doing the right thing.

Incidentally, Colorado’s homeowners rights hero, Stan Hrincevich, was one of those interviewed for the TV news story. It seems Stan is the most interviewed person in the state when it comes to standing up for homeowners.

Oh, another funny thing: The former Stapleton Airport, and the Stapleton neighborhood were named after a prominent Ku Klux Klan member in Colorado in the 1920s.  Perfect!

(ABC affiliate’s story on radon mitigation)

(Colorado’s KKK Past!)