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Announcing BIG NEWS! The HOAX!

guest blog by Nila Ridings

Drum roll please!!!!After years of waiting….THE HOAX will be available online for all the world to see! Directed by Rodney Gray, this film is a documentary about HOAs. Starting 6 June 2016 for one week twenty-four hours per day from the comfort of your home, cabin, camper, or while on the bus, train, or plane viewers can see it all! This is one movie you do not want to miss!

How many thousands of times have we heard, “SOMEBODY SHOULD MAKE A MOVIE ABOUT THESE CRAZY HOAs?!?! Rodney has entered this film into film festivals across America. He’s never given up on trying to get the word out about HOAs. He’s a true ‘fight to the finish’ warrior. Perhaps his time in the United States Marine Corps played a role in his tenacity, determination, and perseverance? Whatever it took to create this production is far more than most of us could imagine.

Congratulations, Rodney Gray!

Click on the the link below for instructions on how to watch the movie starting 6/6/16. Scroll down to #20-THE HOAX