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An Arizona woman is learning what kind of power her HOA has. She stores lots of stuff in it, but it’s rarely opened. Somehow, her Homeowners Association got a picture of all her junk and sent her a violation notice. It said that garages should be used for cars only.

But it’s not until she got the media involved that the Lawn Nazis back down. The link below says it all.

(Is my HOA crazy?”)


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HOA Embezzlement and Suicide

Being caught embezzling from your neighbors can certainly be very embarrassing. Usually, though the embezzler is arrogant enough to not care if he or she is exposed as a thief. But things turned out very differently for a school board president and HOA treasurer.

I’ll spare you the details but just leave the link below:

(link to embezzler story in the Tacoma News Tribune)


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California Bows Before CAI Racism!

This one is so amazing it’s not even amazing! I would even go so far as to call the California Legislature racist!

Assembly Member Donald Wagner introduced a bill to make the state’s Open Meetings law apply to the boards of Homeowners Associations. The CAI and its minions of lawyers and lobbyists descended on the Legislature like flies on a carcass. Only one member of the Housing Committee voted in favor of allowing homeowners to know what their boards were doing.

California has many homeowners whose English-speaking skills are limited. Under current California law, you’re not even allowed to bring an interpreter or representative to a board meeting.

Rich People Have More Rights!

It’s ugly to say it, but rich people really do think their rights are superior. At least, that’s what it looks like in drought-ridden Southern California. The entire southwest is facing one of the worst droughts in its history. Yet members of the Blackhawk Homeowners Association have been told to green up their lawns…or else!

There are new state laws that prohibit California HOAs from fining residents who have brown lawns. But do you honestly think the average Homeowners Association has any respect for state law?

California Homeowners’ Association Orders Residents To Add More Green To Lawns Or Face Fines Despite Historic Drought

Ban Free Speech In An HOA?

The link below is from a homeowner in Minnesota who is outraged that her HOA has issued new rules against certain types of speech, like talking to your neighbor about the HOA board.

Can they really do that?

Well, yes they can. A private non-profit corporation can do just about anything it wants whether it seems constitutional or not.

A for-profit corporation can do the same. The Denver TV station where I worked for more than three decades had rules about private discussions between or among employees. Religion and politics were forbidden. Political correctness was mandated at all times.