Wife Wanted: No Sex, No Cleaning, No Car Required!

By Guest Blogger, Nila Ridings 

A 90 year old French man who found himself suddenly widowed has turned to some novel advertising for a new “dame.”  He’s posted a plywood sign in his garden asking for volunteers. I’ve heard of internet dating and mail order brides, but if this works it could turn into an interesting trend.

It wouldn’t work in this country, though, since American Homeowner Associations ban advertising of any kind.

On second thought, maybe this fellow should consider moving to my sister’s HOA in California?  She tells me that every time a woman in the neighborhood passes away the local “casserole ladies” swoop in like buzzards on road kill. The “casserole ladies” obviously have to keep their freezers well-stocked, but no plywood signs would be needed.

Of course, in America putting up a lonely hearts sign would probably get this poor widower fined, liened and foreclosed upon before he had a ghost of a chance of meeting anyone new.

Maybe the French actually do have an easier life than those of us on this side of the pond?


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