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It’s been awhile since we took a break from HOAs and let our thoughts float out to Tiny House living. If living in a Tiny House is not your dream the tremendous energy those who are putting it in the spotlight should be motivation to keep going as an HOA Warrior. It hasn’t been all that long ago only a handful of people knew anything about Tiny Houses. But the promoters of their movement have waved their magic wands and today it’s rare to meet someone that has never heard of them. Proof positive that perseverance produces exposure for options on housing sources!

A few months ago, I talked to a man involved with Lemon Cove Village in California. We had a nice visit. Of course, after the friendly ‘howdy and how are yous’ I asked if his Tiny House village had an HOA? He chuckled and asked if I didn’t like HOAs? His first clue to my answer was probably the fire that shot out the speaker on his phone! I told him I despise them!!! He was delighted to tell me there is no HOA at Lemon Cove Village. If this location is successful will there be others around the country, I asked? Indeed there will be if all goes well.

So, if you’re looking for a place to land when you’re HOA-Free you might want to check-out Lemon Cove Village where you could be sipping on sweet lemonade and laughing like a prisoner escapee

If you’re looking for some Tiny House floating and boating this uniquely designed waterworthy hotel just might suit your taste. I’m envisioning the perfect setting for this concept on the Ruedi Reservoir. That would be nothing short of amazing.

With wheels or floats there are ways to live maintenance-free, escape the HOAs, and maintain your money and your sanity.Check out Lemon Cove Village.

(link to Lemon Cove Village)

(link to Floating Hotel)


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