The Worst Neighbor In Hollywood!

Hollywood is a place of extremes, so it’s really tough to figure out who the absolute worst neighbor is. But we may have finally succeeded. At the same time, I kind of like the guy.

He’s the son of a former beer salesman. How he got the money to buy four mansions in the Hollywood Hills and connect them into one giant home is amazing. Even comprehending it is way above my pay grade.

But his neighbors have filed 95 police complaints against his partying. He’d be glad to sell to anyone who has 50 million dollars to throw around. But his home is fabulous, and he rents it out for hip hop parties that apparently have to be seen to be believed.

Now, I’m going to post the link, below, to the Hollywood Reporter story. But skip the story and watch the Danny Fitzgerald video about halfway down. You might end up liking the guy, too!

(over the top mega mansion featured in Hollywood Reporter)


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1 thought on “The Worst Neighbor In Hollywood!

  1. Deborah Goonan

    I would say he’s a very bad neighbor, not because of the design of the mansion itself, but because of the conduct of tenants and guests. Typical sleazy mega-rich, narcissitic personality, but not unusual for Hollywood.

    Note that he made his fortune as a real estate developer. What does that tell you about the corruption and lack of integrity in the industry, particularly in CA.

    He has so much money and political influence that the police won’t actually enforce noise, parking, and disturbance ordinances which must exist in this elite part of town.

    He’s bascially running a boutique hotel – nightclub – brothel in a residential neighborhood. But hey, he’s making money and getting media attention.

    It’s hard to get upset about relative injustices suffered by a bunch of uber-wealthy Hollywood property owners — they live in their own little world, and have nothing in common with the average American.


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