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The game of Monopoly is one of the most popular board games in the world. Its roots were squarely in the Great Depression of 1930. Eighty-two years later, in the middle of another fiscal crisis, this author’s publisher, Judith Briles insisted; no, demanded that a two page chapter be added almost ad hoc at the end my book.  Perhaps she had too many margarita fumes wafting over her as she disembarked from her two-week annual vacation cruise. Or perhaps it was her recent nightmarish confrontation with her own Homeowners Association, but she is absolutely immune to any of my anemic last-ditch efforts at dissuasion.  She wanted me to produce some sort of “Get Out of Jail Free” card that lists some rules of conduct homeowners could carry in their wallets or pocketbooks at all times to help head off any kind  of unexpected meanness from a Homeowners Association.