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Another Crook Embezzles from Neighbors

I wonder if it’s hard for these people to sleep at night. Stealing from neighbors? The ones you say “hi” to on the street each day? Maybe it’s just me, but I could never get used to the guilt. Your neighbors are trying hard to pay their bills, to put the kids through college, some of them even struggling to pay HOA dues. Other neighbors have lost jobs in this economy, and are wondering where the next bag of groceries are coming from?

Then some runny-nosed, gambling-addicted, coke-head of an HOA treasurer grabs all the neighborhood’s money for a quick run to Vegas.

Tenth Las Vegas HOA Crook Takes Guilty Plea

The FBI’s HOA investigation continues to fall into place with a tenth guilty plea. Denise Keser is the first suspect to publicly implicate two well-known targets of the federal investigation, attorney Nancy Quon and businessman Leon Benzer who runs a popular nightclub and several construction companies.

Keser pleaded guilty to one county of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. She admitted in federal court that she took part in s scheme to illegally gain control of HOA boards by rigging elections. The phony Homeowners Association boards would then steer construction defect litigation to attorney Quon, who would in turn steer construction work to Benzer’s construction companies.

Banning the Boy Scouts! (keep the snot-nosed little beggers out of MY HOA neighborhood!)

You stupid, stupid board members at the West Melbourn Homeowners Association in Florida. You know what you’ve done. You’ve told 4000 Boy Scouts that they may not collect for food donations at Brevard County Homes. for the less fortunate.
The Boy Scouts have collected these donations for years. Now you’ve apparently decided you’re just too good.  You’re just too special, too high class to have to stoop to help those less fortunate.
Shame on you, West Melbourn Homeownes Association.  It’s not just that you’re refusing help feed those with real needs.  It’s that you’re depriving a group of the most wonderful, gentlemenly, most decent young men in America from trying to do their part.  Organizations like the Boy Scouts represent the few good people this country has left. These are the young men who, years from now, will be your doctors, your lawyers, your advisers, your counselors, your friends! They will be the ones defending your country in the military.
I don’t care if you don’t want to donate. That’s your business and I have no criticism for that. But how dare you say the Boy Scouts may not collect emergency relief rations in your Homeowners Association? Are you really that arrogant that you just can’t allow someone to help other people less fortunate than you?
Frank Brunn, President of Hammock Lakes East and West, aren’t you a little ashamed when you turn out the lights at night? Aren’t you just a little conflicted? In your new position of power, you get to start unilaterally throwing scumbags out of the neighborhood, scumbags who just want to take advantage of the wealthy? But Mr. Brunn, the Boy Scouts?  Were you never a Scout? Were you never taught the Boy Scout Motto and the code of ethics?
Mr. Brunn, you’ve demonstrated to your neighbors that you’re not up to the job of making your neighborhood a better place than it was when you took office. That’s sad. But you can still fulfill your moral responsibility by just stepping aside, resigning, and letting some man or woman with a more compassionate heart teach you what the word ‘neighbor’ really is.  It’s actually not really a word. It’s a concept.  It’s a lifestyle.

Another Vegas Crook Bites the Dust

Daniel Solomon pleaded guilty to trying to swindle his neighbors at the Vistana Homeowners Association. He admitted he became a “straw purchaser” in the Vistana HOA so he could direct construction business to his co-consirators. He’s the 9th bad guy to admit to the judge that he’s guilty.

If I were living in an HOA whose value plummeted fifty to sixty to eighty percent because of scandals like this, I’d be mortified. If I knew my condo had ZERO resale value because a bunch of neighbors were skimming property values off the top to slip into their own greedy pockets, I’d be more than furious, I’d take to the streets.

HOA Reform: Conservative? Liberal? Or Libertarian?

As discussed recently in this forum, it’s mystifying why neither the political left nor the political right has taken a stand on the state of “HOA America.” Sixty million homeowners live in one of the country’s 300,000 Homeowners Associations. The number of HOAs is exploding with government jurisdictions around the country turning over lower government responsibilities to the HOA Movement.

As a private non-profit corporation, a Homeowners Association has incredible power to harass, fine and foreclose. Housing discrimination is still common in many areas. Violation of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act is ongoing. Free speech is restricted, religion is restricted. Due process is rarely, if ever, followed. Almost every one of the protections that Americans think they have in the Bill of Rights is trampled on daily.