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Homeowners Associations vs. HAM Radio Operators

Sara Benson is reaching out to members of Congress and asking all of us to do the same. Pass the Amateur Radio Parity Act (S. 1685). National organizations that lobby to keep HOAs in business are on the opposite side. They’re telling Senators that HAM Radio enthusiasts destroy nice neighborhoods, something as ridiculous as saying that satellite dishes destroy neighborhoods.

HAM radio operators save lives when disaster hits. To forbid them from operating in a Homeowners Association is beyond the pale. When police radios and all cell phone service went down in New York during 9/11, who was getting out messages about where ambulances and rescue boats should be sent? I’d bet dollars to doughnuts it was HAM operators. Same thing during Hurricane Katrina and any number of other natural disasters. It happened in Colorado during the Boulder flood two years ago. It happened in my state in July of 1976 when a huge flood in the Big Thompson Canyon killed 143 people and trapped thousands for days. I was there. I saw it.

Big Thomson flood of 1976 washed out Highway 34. The Big Thompson Flood, Loveland, Colorado

Sara thinks it’s urgent that we overcome the cacophony of false information pouring into the U.S. House and Senate. Ask your legislators, no demand of your legislators that they pay serious attention to the Amateur Radio Parity Act. I agree.

(link to information on the Amateur Radio Parity Act)