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George Lucas Gets HOA Payback!

Movie producer George Lucas, frustrated because his rich Marin County neighbors wouldn’t let him expand his studio on acreage he’s owned for years, is aiming at getting some payback.

He has a large amount of acreage in Marin County where he runs his Skywalker Ranch Studio. If he had been allowed to expand his studio he would have created a handful of high-paying jobs for film makers. His ultra-rich neighbors hated the idea claiming, falsely, that it would bring too much additional traffic to the area.

So, Lucas is doing the noble thing. He says, “We already have too many millionaires in the area. What we need is some good affordable housing.”
Now, he’s planning on using his land to build the largest low income housing project in the Bay Area.

A note to all those wealthy Marin County boo-birds: Tweaking a tiger’s tail isn’t always the smart thing to do!

(link to story on Marin County furor)