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The Biggest CAI Lie Of All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A CAI lawyer testifying in front of the Arizona Legislature made what have to be some of the biggest gaffes or the biggest lies in CAI’s checkered history. First he said, “The government that governs best is that closest to the people.”

He seriously screwed up. The actual quote was from Henry David Thoreau who attributed the words to Thomas Jefferson. The quote was: “That government is best which governs least.” That’s a far cry from what this dopey lawyer told the Legislature.

His next gaffe is when he says that “HOA Boards are, in effect, little tiny governments.”

We’re Winning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy Cow! Little by little property rights advocates are winning the battle against abusive HOA boards, officers and management companies.

Nevada blogger, Tim Stebbins writes about what could be a landmark in the corrupt HOA network in his state. A Nevada official has issued a clear warning to the HOA monsters to stay off the backs of homeowners!

A great blogpost, Tim!

(click on this ‘must read’ blogpost from Henderson, Nevada)



Pennsylvania HOA Corruption

The story linked below is mind boggling. A developer appoints himself as president of the HOA and appoints friends and relatives as board members. Then he proceeds to buy up 80% of the units making him eligible to force all remaining homeowners to sell their homes to him. Now people who used to own their own condo units have to rent them from this developer.

It should sound familiar to you. This kind of fascist neighborhood takeover has been happening for some time in Florida.

Now, what do you think about joining an HOA?

(link to Delaware County Daily Times)

Dark Clouds Over Saddlewood Downs

guest blog by Nila Ridings

Homeowners are frustrated and tension is high in this Kansas HOA. One of the residents asked me to speak to a large group of homeowners with hopes of shedding some light on how HOAs are structured and lawsuits are financed.

The history of this HOA started with a developer that went broke. Sigh. Yes, another one. Residents claim the CC&Rs state between 1 and 15 people must serve on the BOD. For now they have 5, but until this meeting most of the homeowners had no idea who and how many people are serving on the board. For the most part, the HOA has been dormant for several years. It suddenly erupted back to life with the filing of a lawsuit.