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Don’t Let Nevada Read This!

A lot of sunbirds own second homes in Nevada. And, of course, the corruption in Nevada Homeowners Associations is a nationwide scandal that sent dozens of felons to the hoosegow.

The link below shows how folks in Cornwall in the south U.K. are  raising money from vacationers. They’re placing a so-called ‘guilt tax’ on anyone who owns a second home.


Betcha Las Vegas is the first American city to impose such a tax!

(link to Guilt Tax story in the Daily Mail)




Monica Lewinsky at TED Talks

At least four times over the past four months, I’ve listened to the TED Talk given by Monica Lewinsky. It’s a talk that brought a huge standing ovation. It’s the kind of talk that could change people’s lives forever. Her bravery is beyond description.

More than that, it has some very specific messages for those of us in this battle against the public shaming, humiliation and bullying that happens in Homeowners Associations across the country. It isn’t just the Internet that’s brought on public shaming. In my personal experience, there once was a time when neighbors actually talked to each other, brought each other dinners and birthday cakes, shared holidays together. If a neighbor to neighbor dispute arose it was most often settled quietly over the backyard fence.

Common Sense on Superpriority Liens

Tennessee politicians have seen through the phony HOA argument that their petty little fines for HOA violations do not give condo and homeowner association boards the right to declare that they can extinguish the existing mortgage and then make a killing selling unburdened properties.

The Nevada Supreme Court shocked the nation by giving HOAs such powers. But a new Tennessee law will guarantee that a little of the HOA abuse in that state will be reigned in. The link below gives the whole subject a new angle.

(link to the change in Tennessee law)


A Free CAI Vacation! How Sweet!

All those board members and lawyers are having another annual convention, all at the expense of homeowners across the country. This time they’re gathered in the shadow of ‘the Sleeping Giant’ in Scottsdale, Arizona. Only the best for our CAI, right?

You’d think they could save some money by holding their convention in a motel in Boring, Oregon. But, no, they desperately need to spend homeowners’ money in the fanciest resort in the U.S.


Another HOA Gone Wrong!

The corruption is so incredibly thick. It’s not just this one story linked below. HOA corruption is endemic across the country. The news media are gradually educating themselves on the national HOA Scam. It’s slow progress, But at least more and more people are learning to never buy an HOA house. Once HOA property values collapse all over the country some will begin to realize that Americans really do like their constitutional rights.