Lovely, Just Lovely

The big lobbiest for the building industry is Winston-Salem, who works for the North Carolina Home Builders Association. One of her best “buddies” is Charles Thomas, a marred man who just happens to be the Chief of Staff to House Speaker Thom Tillis. A detective agency in Raleigh apparently has lots of photos and video showing it’s more than a casual business relationship. And lots of money is floating back and forth from the Home Building industry to those who supervise the Home Building Industry.

It all means nothing, of course.  Absolutely nothing.

But suddenly Chief of Staff Charles Thomas has resigned his job.


BTW, nobody returns messages. They never do.

Ward Lucas
Author of
Neighbors At War: The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association

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  1. Elinor J. Campbell

    Homeowners are unduly coerced into signing a real estate purchase contract that binds them to abusive covenants, which evidences an abusive legalized extortion plan.
    (A) Colorado Extortion law: For example, Colorado law states that any person “who communicates threats to another person with the intention thereby to obtain anything of value or any acquaintance, advantage, or immunity is guilty of extortion” (C.S.S. ¤ 28-3.1-543).
    Reader, Elinor Campbell abused by HOA SunPointe II


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