A Pretty Poopy Idea

A number of Homeowners Associations across the country are demanding that all dog owners have their pooches’ cheeks swabbed so the HOA can have a DNA database to catch homeowners who fail to pick up poops. The doggie DNA thing is ludicrous on its face. It’s expensive and too easy for the lawn Nazis to abuse the system.

A town in Spain has come up with a much better idea. A number of volunteers in Brunete, twenty miles west of Madrid, are walking the streets watching for violators of the dog cleanup rules. They scoop the poop and mail it back to the dog owners in a package labeled “Lost Property.” Such a lovely idea. The town now reports a drop in doggie doo of 70 percent. Here’s the link: But keep reading. There’s more!


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Paris has an awful problem with poopie dog people. A walk in the park is sort of like the game of Hop Scotch, jump here, jump there.

But now, two Parisian students have come up with an app for just that problem. It’s called Poople Maps. The smart phone user maps offending poo and emails Paris authorities about ‘problem areas.’

Oh, American HOAs will continue using their expensive DNA tracking systems simply because it allows them to assess fines and legal expenses which pump up their budgets in some very poopy ways. But if you really want a nice neighborhood, you should take some lessons from our European neighbors.


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