Another Delicious HOA Indictment

I suppose it’s bad manners to dance on someone else’s grave, but if I had good manners I would never have started this website. But this one is too good not to note.

Another woman has been indicted in the federal racketeering case against a dozen Nevada Homeowners Associations. There’ve been about forty federal indictments already, with most of the suspects pleading guilty in exchange for their testimony in court. Stephanie Liane Markham has the honor of being the latest to be indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice. Seems she’s accused of lying to the feds about the fact she only had a one percent interest in a condo at the time she ran for a seat on the board.

A number of other suspects in the federal case were planted onto boards so defect mitigation money could be siphoned away from homeowners into the pockets of crooked lawyers, police officials, politicians and businessmen. And I’ll never let a story like this slip by without noting that a prominent attorney and three other suspects in this investigation committed ‘suicide.’ At least two of them were highly suspicious deaths, Las Vegas style.

The federal HOA case is going to trial in February. It’s long been my contention that a nearly identical criminal investigation could be launched in 49 other states.

(link to Stephanie story in Las Vegas Review Journal)


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