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Run get the tissues and prepare to watch this video!

Nobody will forget Ella Schultz and her Make A Wish playhouse dreams. As of April 1st Ella’s wish came true! JE Dunn built a beautiful playhouse complete with a Dutch door, porch swing, loft, kitchen, and a sweet pink mailbox! We wish her thousands of hours of happiness, laughter, and fun in her special playhouse that is currently restricted to “girls only.”

KCTV5 says the Stonegate HOA caved under the pressure of the public outcry to allow the playhouse. Nothing has been reported regarding the HOA not being in good standing with the State of Missouri. It’s fair to assume the Stonegate board of directors has learned more than one lesson from this experience.

And thousands of people are asking questions about HOAs and wondering why anybody would buy a home in a place like this?

This is why activists stand up and speak out against HOA abuses, because often times it makes all the difference.

(link to KCTV5 story on ella)


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Ward Lucas is a longtime investigative journalist and television news anchor. He has won more than 70 national and regional awards for Excellence in Journalism, Creative Writing and community involvement. His new book, "Neighbors At War: the Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association," is now available for purchase. In it, he discusses the American homeowners association movement, from its racist origins, to its transformation into a lucrative money machine for the nation's legal industry. From scams to outright violence to foreclosures and neighborhood collapses across the country, the reader will find this book enormously compelling and a necessary read for every homeowner. Knowledge is self-defense. No homeowner contemplating life in an HOA should neglect reading this book. No HOA board officer should overlook this examination of the pitfalls in HOA management. And no lawyer representing either side in an HOA dispute should gloss over what homeowners are saying or believing about the lawsuit industry.

1 thought on “All About Ella!

  1. Dave Russell

    Unfortunately, it takes a national incident like this to expose the stupidity of HOA’s. However, our voices finally are being heard, some for the very first time.
    There’s no doubt, the property values in little Ella’s HOA have plummeted. Thank you, Nila, for going on the news and letting folks know, as Paul Harvey would say ‘the rest of the story.’


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