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Elder Abuse and Financial Kidnapping

The link below is horrifying, but really should be read by everyone concerned about elder abuse. It involves state agencies that declare an elderly person ‘incapacitated’ and appoint a guardian who takes over that person’s care and gives the guardian unlimited access to the older person’s bank accounts.

While I was an investigative reporter for the NBC affiliate in Denver I reported on several such cases. Then, attending my 50th class reunion last month, I spoke to a longtime neighbor (and a good-lookin’ gal, too!) about a different kind of theft. Seems that a sibling was executor of her parents’ rather substantial estate and that sibling stripped out all the assets. My friend didn’t get a dime of what her parents left her.

State governments and the courts look the other way when these financial crimes are committed. They just don’t seem to care. When an old person is involved it’s just easier not to have to think about the abuse.

With all that in mind, please, please don’t neglect reading this linked web post. And apply it to your own situation and where you might find yourself some day.

(link to article on ‘theft by guardian’)


Kansas City Star: HOA Central!

The Kansas City Star continues to be the premier newspaper providing in-depth news coverage of the national HOA abuse scandal. In this category, at least, the Star is acting like a national newspaper, not a City newspaper. People in all fifty states and Canada are following the expose’ by reporter Judy Thomas and her team. Finally, some true muckraking by a journalist who has the guts to stand up to this massive and corrupt lobby.

And don’t think this reporter isn’t getting abused for her efforts. I maintain no personal contact with her. But I’ve been in the trenches in another city when an investigative team breaks a scandal wide open. It’s not pretty. It’s bloody. The hate calls, sooner or later the death threats. The midnight phone hangups at your home number. The threats to family members. Sometimes a parked car up the street watching your comings and goings. Yep, I’ve been there and I know exactly what’s going on.

But the Kansas City Star plunges forward. As long as this newspaper supports its reporter the stories will continue. They’ll go on because the national HOA scam is huge and there’s no end to the stories, the victims, the sources.

Competing editors across the country will start getting jealous and begin doing their own investigations, of course claiming that they were the originators of the HOA expose’. I’ve seen that happen, too. To me. Yep, I’ve been in the trenches.

And sooner or later we’ll see some legislators tiptoe forward and test the waters. If they sense constituency support they’ll possibly ‘suggest’ some controlling legislation. I’ve seen this happen, too, and I’ve watched them suddenly back off and say, “I’ll try again next year.” It’s another phony promise by cowardly legislators too afraid of losing a vote or a donation here and there.

Another brave reporter is Jeff German of the Las Vegas Review Journal. I’ve never spoken to him, but he’s also one of the very few reporters who’s dared challenge the corrupt HOA industry. I know by the power of his investigative efforts what he’s gone through to expose the scams and the lies and the suicides/assaults/murders of HOA scammers who’ve turned state’s evidence.

Despite the “We’re so innocent” claims of major figures in the national HOA industry, we are dealing with classic organized crime, racketeering, violations of RICO statutes. The lawsuit industry could clean up its own corruption, but there’s just too much money to be made. In this industry, if you’re not dishonest you’re not making any money.

Follow the money. Who’s getting rich? Those are the criminals.

(link to latest Kansas City Star report on HOA abuse of a homeowner)



Idiots, Idiots, Idiots All!

Just when you think you’ve heard the stupidest story ever about an HOA board, along comes an idiotic decision that just makes you shake your head.

It’s election season, and you’d think Texans would have a little more common sense than most people. I spent some growing up years in Texas, and I loved considering myself a Texan. But combine the words ‘Texan’ and ‘Homeowners Association’ and you just get twenty-seven degrees of STOOPID.

The Stonebridge Ranch Homeowners Association in McKinney, Texas has a rule that a political sign can’t have more than one name on it. Huh? Yup. Y’all listen up, ya hear? Only one name on each sign. So, a McKinney homeowner fought the rule…and lost. But he came up with a solution that’ll just leave you shaking your head.



HOA Neighborhood Shaming

Shaming. It’s another word for bullying. For abusing. Often, public shaming is more hurtful than physical abuse. If you’ve never read Nathaniel Hawthorne’s 1850 novel, The Scarlet Letter, then you’re missing one of most powerful works in the history of literature. And if you’re honestly in this fight against the national Homeowners Association scam then you need to read Hawthorne to begin to understand how mean and horrible public shaming really is.

I don’t get too many emails from homeowners in Michigan, but there’s a big HOA controversy in that state right now. A new couple applied to their Livingston HOA to have their home construction plans approved. They were. Then the couple was asked if they could move their proposed home a few feet to save some trees. They did. After spending 200,000 bucks to build their foundation and do the framing they were hit with an HOA lawsuit, claiming they moved their house without permission.

Now the whole neighborhood is torn apart. There’s vandalism, there’s a petition to recall the board. But this new couple will forever live with the shame of having caused all this ruckus.

Shaming. It’s probably the most vicious weapon that HOA Nazis have in their evil arsenal.

(link to Livingston Daily story on the HOA feud in Michigan)


Organized Crime? You Betcha!

Organized crime is endemic in the HOA industry, absolutely woven throughout the faulty fabric of the whole structure of Homeowners Associations. Racism, bribery, blackmail, criminal harassment, theft, extortion, embezzlement, phony liens and foreclosures.

If you go back through five years worth of blog posts on NeighborsAtWar.com you’ll see hundreds, even thousands of posts and links to stories of criminal activity in Homeowners Associations in virtually every state in America. Board members, treasurers, management companies, HOA lawyers, even the federal racketeering convictions of 43 HOA officials in Nevada. It’s a vast criminal empire that only recently is beginning to attract attention from the nation’s news media. So this next paragraph and the associated link shouldn’t surprise you much.

Sperlonga LLC, a data collection firm, has now made a deal with Equifax to begin adding HOA dues and payment history to the credit records of homeowners. Your late HOA payments, whether real or phony, will now have the same weight on your credit report as bank loans and auto payments. Welcome to the future, Bunky!

(link to press release by Sperlonga Data)