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Another Veteran’s Widow Faced With Foreclosure

Homeowners Associations don’t like veterans. They also don’t like veteran’s widows. Widows, you see, threaten the marriages of all other couples in the neighborhood. So ladies who get themselves elected to HOA boards try just about anything to boot widows and single women from their homes.

Hyperbole? Don’t bet on it. We’ve seen situations like this happen all over the country.

This one widow in Texas may have won a temporary reprieve, but that’s because she went to the news media. Without that, she’d most likely be on the street thanks to her oh-so-charitable HOA.

(link to widow’s story in DFW-CBS Local news report)



HOA Credit Reporting: Scary Stuff

Credit reporting agencies see an incredibly lucrative opportunity in Homeowners Associations. And corrupt HOA boards see a marvelous way to further harass homeowners who dare to fight back against the Lawn Nazis. Hold back your dues because your HOA is doing something blatantly illegal, and it’ll lower your credit score.

Hire a lawyer to fight back against an unjust fine or lien, and yup, you might not be able to get that car financed or that mortgage modification approved.

These fundamentally unconstitutional institutions (try saying that three times) have found a new way to hammer beleaguered homeowners. It’s beyond belief, and it very well could end up contributing to the coming collapse of the HOA housing market. The more you learn about HOA abuse, the lower go the property values in HOAs. Developers, government agencies, embezzling management companies and abusive board members love seeing this happen. It’s more money in their pockets which means less in yours.

(the credit reporting HOA goliath)




My HOA Protects My Property Values!

Well, Bunky, that’s the biggest lie you’ll ever hear.

Several years ago, I warned all of you about the pending crash of the Las Vegas housing market. It happened exactly as I predicted. At the heart of the problem is the government’s reliance on Homeowners Associations to perform traditional government functions and services. All HOA contracts are corrupt at their core. They were a flawed model from the start, and what’s going on in Las Vegas foreshadows what’s coming for the rest of the nation.

This neighborhood collapse will continue. With what’s going on politically right now the future is set in stone. You don’t have to be a Nostradamus to prognosticate. Flag this date and this blog post. And come back to me five years from now and tell me I was wrong!

(link to investors fleeing the Las Vegas housing market)


Rare, Rare, Rare Embezzling Arrest!

Whoa! This doesn’t happen very often. But apparently there’s so much fraud and embezzlement from Miami condo owners that police are making a tentative attempt at cracking down. The link below shows an arrest by a special police squad formed to combat condo embezzlement.

Still, if Miami dedicated every one of its police officers to fighting fraud by the HOA Lawn Nazis, they’d barely put a dent in the problem. Homeowners Associations and Condo Associations are all fundamentally corrupt, every single one of them. Even if a rare HOA has escaped an embezzlement situation, they’re all just one vote away from disaster.  From the very beginning, the rules governing Homeowner Associations were written by the lawyer to the lawyer from the lawyer. Developers were given government permission to build higher density housing as long as they enacted approved covenants and controls. Those controls were never meant to protect homeowners. They were built to protect developers, funnel money to lawyers, and obtain that money from the pockets of gullible home buyers. No homeowner can possible be in 100% compliance with all HOA rules. It’s not humanly possible. That means fines, liens and foreclosures…and lots and lots of lawyers’ kids are collecting their sports cars and their college tuition money.

Follow the money. Always follow the money. if you see a photo of some HOA treasurer getting busted for stealing, just look where the big money’s going. There’s always a cloud of vultures circling over the carrion.

(link to Miami Herald HOA bust!)


Finally, One CAI Member Gets It Right!

This letter to the editor of a Pennsylvania newspaper by a CAI member is terrifying. He doesn’t use the words ‘fascist’ or ‘communist’ but it’s a pretty wild look at what homeowners have done to themselves by buying into the concept of Homeowners Associations. This country has essentially sold its soul to the devil. We have created a parallel system of government which has no controls, no ethics, no honesty. It’s a system of trial lawyers, by trial lawyers, and for trial lawyers. Homeowners have no access to traditional Constitutional rights. And the concept of true home ownership is a thing of the past.

(read it and weep)