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Right to Own.Org

I’ve said it before, and will probably say it again, but every person interested in the HOA debate should see this guy’s website.  I’ve never met him, although I’ve spoken to him on the phone once.  He has some incredibly interesting insights that make me extremely jealous, i.e., I wish I had thought of them first.

Do yourself a favor and bookmark  RightToOwn.org.  Dear God, I wish I could plagiarize!

Also, encourage this guy to write a book.  He’s articulate, intelligent, and a book or documentary from him could help us in the war to make the HOA movement fair, honest and responsible, three of the characteristics which are absolutely non-existent today.

Nevada HOA Corruption War Opens A New Front

Nevada continues to be Ground Zero in the federal fight against official HOA corruption. Across the country, residents and officials of Homeowner Associations have complained about financial irregularities and outright organized criminal activity involving the HOA Movement. But for years, they were ridiculed, mocked, threatened, fined and essentially separated from their Constitutional rights.

Now, such complainants are gaining serious credibility.