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Is There Such a Thing as an Honest Lawyer?

I would bet dollars to donuts that not a single reader of this blog knows from this headline what I’m about to say!

Want to think about it for a second?

Remember, I have a large number of lawyers and law firms following this blog. Any guesses?

OK, here goes this intrepid reporter barefoot into the coals. But first, let’s inject a second hypothetical question.

In a pending court case in which not a single detail has been discussed or released, in a case where all a prospective attorney knows is that the potential client is pitted against a Homeowners Association, wouldn’t it be logical to assume that most lawyers would be willing to represent either side?

Certainly, an honest and ethical attorney is going to acknowledge up front that he may have a conflict of interest, right? Of course. And rare is the lawyer who overlooks this fundamental act of decency and ethics.

But what if an anxious homeowner looking for a lawyer to represent him against a Homeowner Association has to make ten or twenty calls to find an attorney who is not affiliated in some way with the HOA industry? Might it appear that the odds are heavily stacked against the homeowner regardless of the merits of the case?

Finally, let’s toss one final ingredient into the stew. There is a massively powerful private organization that each year funnels billions of dollars into litigation and legal representation of Homeowners Associations. Billions and billions and billions of dollars.

Now let’s revise our original headline:

Does the Average Homeowner Believe There’s an Honest Lawyer?

Ward Lucas
Author of
Neighbors At War: The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association