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Madness In HOA Arizona

guest blog by Jill Schweitzer

I’ve been taking HOA classes put on by the City for the last few years. I used to attend to learn, now I attend to see what I missed the first time around, what the HOA industry omits in the discussions, what blunders I am able to witness.

Recently I attended a class where the HOA attorney was discussing how he is representing an HOA which is suing an owner because he put an extra block on his block wall. He told us how the lawsuit has been a pending for a couple years and his fees are now up to approximately 22k.

The Arizona Republic

For decades, it was next to impossible to get attention from the news media on HOA abuses. I’m not sure how new Arizona Realtor Jill Schweitzer is to the game. I haven’t asked her. But she’s getting the kind of news media attention that few others have been able to achieve. Yes, psychologist Dr. Gary Solomon, Dr. Evan McKenzie and George Staropoli have been the frequent go-to experts on how scary life in an HOA can be.

But Jill Schweitzer is showing that it’s actually possible to get reporters interested in reporting the other side.