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Neighbor Complaints Lead To ‘Felony Egg/Drug Bust’ At Justin Beiber’s House

Justin Beiber apparently hasn’t been the most wonderful neighbor in his ritzy California Homeowners Association. Talk about a neighborhood war. His speeding and loud parties have attracted not only HOA attention, but after eggs were thrown from Beiber’s property onto the home of a next door neighbor police snagged a search warrant and used a battering ram to get through his front door.

Beiber wasn’t arrested, although cops are continuing to search through home security video. Since this is a felony assault charge Beiber could face some time behind bars.

During the raid, though, it appears that at least one of Beiber’s guests could face felony charges. Rapper Lil Za was arrested for possession of cocaine inside the singer’s home.

(click here for TMZ story on egg raid)