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Another HOA About to get Burned for Discrimination

The good news is that we’re beginning to hear of more and more cases around the country where the homeowner is winning against the HOA bullies. And one big source of those victories involves a Homeowners Association refusing to admit that it’s interfered with ADA laws. Even if you’re a powerful HOA, don’t try to smack down a federal agency that’s entrusted with protection of the handicapped. Still, the skulls of too many HOA board members and managers are too thick to beat common sense into.

We, here at Neighbors At War, are doing our best to keep the jackhammer fired up.

The latest case involves a family in Gilbert, Arizona, members of the Coronado Ranch Homeowners Assocation. Steven Vroman is confined to a wheelchair. His doctor recommended exercise like swimming. He built a small pool in his backyard, but then discovered that he had to be out of direct sunlight. His disease prevents his body from regulating its own temperature. And that could lead to a stroke. So Vroman put in a shade structure to allow his transition from the home into the pool without being subjected to the hot Arizona sun.

Well, the HOA board members, obviously feeling like they were taken advantage of, decided to put Vroman’s swimming pool project on hold, or as we used to say back in the days of telephone operators, “Put him on terminal hold.”

Month after month went by with no action on the part of the HOA. So Vroman has had to file a federal lawsuit.

A word to the wise at Coronado Ranch. You’re going to lose this one. You’ll spend a fortune in legal fees trying to jack this man around, and the federal courts will declare the whole lot of you to be losers. Total losers. You’ll have to pay Vroman’s legal bills as well. Then, sure as shootin’, you’ll each get his with a special assessment to pay for legal costs, damage awards and who knows what else. And you’ll each be getting a slap-in-the-face that all busy-body neighbors should have to endure.


Vistana’s Continuing HOA ‘Crime’ Wave

People in Nevada know the name, “Vistana.” The Vistana Homeowners Association was ground zero for the massive FBI investigation of HOA corruption, rigged elections, racketeering, bribery, extortion, and maybe even a murder or two. Actually, they’re officially classified as suicides, but one of the lawyers who committed ‘suicide’ had his knees bashed in by ‘persons unknown’ inside his gated community. The kneecapping happened just a few months before his ‘suicide’. Ah, I forgot to add, this profoundly disabled lawyer was able to hang himself from the rafters of a barn. Suspicious? Hmmmm.

With the HOA scandal occupying all the headlines you’d think the current board and management of Vistana would be especially sensitive about obeying the letter of the law. But remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Yes, it seems the Vistana board needed to tow about 70 cars because of a paving project. Nevada has strict laws governing the towing of cars. But did the board follow the laws? Any of them? I’ll let KTNV reporter Darcy Spears answer that question in her HOA Hall Of Shame, linked below.

(link to HOA Hall of Shame)


The State of Nevada has actually filed criminal charges against those responsible for the Vistana towing atrocity. Strange to think of a Nevada crime prosecuting body actually doing some prosecuting!

(link to HOA Hall of Shame followup story)