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Another HOA About to get Burned for Discrimination

The good news is that we’re beginning to hear of more and more cases around the country where the homeowner is winning against the HOA bullies. And one big source of those victories involves a Homeowners Association refusing to admit that it’s interfered with ADA laws. Even if you’re a powerful HOA, don’t try to smack down a federal agency that’s entrusted with protection of the handicapped. Still, the skulls of too many HOA board members and managers are too thick to beat common sense into.

We, here at Neighbors At War, are doing our best to keep the jackhammer fired up.

Vistana’s Continuing HOA ‘Crime’ Wave

People in Nevada know the name, “Vistana.” The Vistana Homeowners Association was ground zero for the massive FBI investigation of HOA corruption, rigged elections, racketeering, bribery, extortion, and maybe even a murder or two. Actually, they’re officially classified as suicides, but one of the lawyers who committed ‘suicide’ had his knees bashed in by ‘persons unknown’ inside his gated community. The kneecapping happened just a few months before his ‘suicide’. Ah, I forgot to add, this profoundly disabled lawyer was able to hang himself from the rafters of a barn. Suspicious? Hmmmm.