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My Mistake, My Apology!!


I don’t know why I made such a horrible mistake, My error in judgment just baffles me. But for some reason, I always thought that people from New Hampshire were a little more reasonable, a little more gentlemanly in solving neighborhood disputes with more kindess, diplomacy and friendliess than the rest of us.. It was just a personal thing I always believed about people from New Hampshire. It just seems to have a ring to it, the abilty to believe that people from New Hampshire were above the common fray, just a little more reasonable than others.

Now, I’ve discovered that folks from New Hampshire don’t have any more class or honesty than the rest of us.

A lady name Kimberly Bois planted flowers in her yard. It was just a tiny garden in a townhome association. It couldn’t have attracted much attention. But her Portsmouth, New Hampshire Homeowner Association just decided that Kimberly was in violation, and they’re now fining her fifty bucks a day for trying to show some of nature’s beauty, that others could enjoy.

The fine is now up to $6000, not counting legal fees. But her HOA has every intention of taking her house if she doesn’t dig up and kill all those wonderful flowers. The goal, of course, to to make every home look identical, regimented, the thing you might see in front of an typical Army Barracks.

There’s nothing in the bylaws. It was just an arbitrary decision by a board majority.

Bois says it’s just not a happy place to live anymore. It just feels like a case of bullying.

Kimberly, just get out of there! Your beauty and grace is wasted on these lawn nazis and their lawyers. The HOA system is not based on traditional home ownership. It’s not based on raising the value of your home. It’s a legal scam where the lawyers insist on showing no mercy for covenant scofflaws. Keep each unit identical and file profitable lawsuits and foreclosures against every resident who shows any individuality. It’s all about finding an excuse for depriving you of your home equity. A perpetual cash machine for lawyers. No other explanation.

Kimberly, you’re needed elsewhere in neighborhoods where people actually love their neigbors and applaud their efforts to improve their homes and gardens. Get out before these parasites take you for every dime you own. Your talents, and your ability to bring about beauty is something that will be well respected elsewhere.

Ward Lucas
Author of
Neighbors At War: The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association