Here Come the HOA Lawsuits

As predicted in this blog, the Homeowner’s Association Movement is going to die a long painful death, taking down with it the fortunes, the home equities, the retirement savings of a whole lot of innocent people. On second thought, perhaps the word “innocent” is being too innocently thrown around, here, because most people living in HOAs know that they’ve allowed board officers to become little nazis as they patrol the neighborhood for violations. If you know about a problem, and you allow it to grow, lawyers are going to be digging deep… into your deep pockets.

There was never any question that Trayvon Martin’s family was going to sue George Zimmerman AND his HOA for permitting Zimmerman to patrol his neighborhood with a gun.

Now, there’s word of another gun incident: a 65 year HOA president in the upscale John’s Cove community in Orange County. “Upscale,” by the way means “soon to be downscale” as soon as the lawsuits are filed.

This HOA president is Michael Hudzik, who yells and curses at people as they drive to fast out of the gated community. Yelling and cursing wasn’t enough for one dad and his son who were planning on going jet skiing. This time Hudzik pulled a gun and ordered the dad and his son out of their car.

Neighbors won’t talk to the media. They fear retaliation from Hudzik. Well, neighbors, you elected this guy. Now, you may as well get out your checkbooks because your negligence is going to cost you a bundle.

While we’re on the subject of negligence, how about The Ole at Lely Resort in East Naples, Florida? Their bylaws they say that children under 18 are not allowed to play outside!  Really!  Isn’t there a federal law against that? And wouldn’t you think lawyers are now patrolling the streets looking for potential clients?

Finally, there’s the taxpaying veteran in the Sweetwater HOA in Jacksonville, Florida. His HOA has been fining him daily for displaying an American flag outside his door…exactly the kind of behavior that someone named “Bush” signed into law not too long ago. There’s a legal settlement in the wind. But somebody’s going to have his pound of flesh from that HOA.

Ward Lucas
Author of
Neighbors At War: The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association

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      Yes, Anonymous, The Independence Institute is quite conservative, so it mystifies me and others as to why these conservatives aren’t concerned about a “government” which allows no access to the Constitution.


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