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Here Come the HOA Lawsuits

As predicted in this blog, the Homeowner’s Association Movement is going to die a long painful death, taking down with it the fortunes, the home equities, the retirement savings of a whole lot of innocent people. On second thought, perhaps the word “innocent” is being too innocently thrown around, here, because most people living in HOAs know that they’ve allowed board officers to become little nazis as they patrol the neighborhood for violations. If you know about a problem, and you allow it to grow, lawyers are going to be digging deep… into your deep pockets.

Trayvon and Zimmerman: Some Reporters “Get It”

Not many reporters understand how dangerous Homeowner Associations are. It took the death of Trayvon Martin, but Mary Shanklin of the Orlando Sentinel showed she “gets it.”

Her story of March 29, 2012 is about the Retreat at Twin Lakes in Sanford, Florida. That’s where Trayvon Martin died, allegedly at the hands of HOA crime-watch captain George Zimmerman.

Understand that this blogger has absolutely no opinion about who’s guilty or innocent in Trayvon’s death. But I do have some observations based on forty years of experience covering the courts.