Some Much Needed Comic Relief!

Hilton Head, South Carolina must be a rip-roaring place. A paramedic who gets occasional calls there posted the following on a professional real estate blog:

“One of the local nicknames for the _______ Homeowners Association was “Viagra Falls”. This is because human nature does not change, and when unoccupied by things like work and raising children, some people become very self-indulgent, even over the top. There were frequent calls for EMS and the sheriff’s department for not only Viagra reactions, but for domestic violence/ assault charges, often stemming from a wife coming home too early from her bridge or swimming tournament and discovering her husband up to his old tricks – or new ones. There was an entire group in the complex that had weekly Friday or Saturday night “key parties” where all of the men put their keys into a basket, and take the woman home with them who picks out their key. There was a lot of Sturm and Drang over these incidents and their aftermath. As EMS, we got to witness it up close and firsthand……If this is the kind of lifestyle that appeals or that you can either accept or overlook, then by all means, go for it…. But I don’t like that sort of lifestyle… we bought 60 acres and a 100 year old farmhouse and raise our own cows, chickens and veggies…. Different strokes for different folks.”

LOL! Well, I sure hope this paramedic gets her peace and quiet in retirement. Looks like she deserves it!


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