HOA Murderer Commits Suicide

It won’t satisfy the families of the victims, but it’s just another chapter in the world of ‘HOA Amerika’. The killer of two HOA board members has committed suicide.

Dr. Mahmoud Hindi was a doctor and a homeowner in the Spring Creek Homeowners Association in Louisville, Kentucky. (Most news reporters are ‘goosey’ about using the HOA’s name.) The neighborhood is quite a high-end development, but Hindi’s next door neighbors were officers on the HOA board. And Hindi felt they were perpetually tormenting him over minor code violations. So he walked into a 2012 board meeting in a local church and gunned the two men down.

Hindi wasn’t shy about telling police exactly what he had done and his murder trial was set to begin next year. But a couple days ago, Hindi committed suicide by hanging himself in his jail cell.

There’s nothing that can excuse first degree murder. But the case does provide more insight into how constant torment by neighbors can drive a homeowners over the brink. It’s not the first time a homeowner has fired a gun and taken lives during an HOA board meeting. Sadly, it probably won’t be the last.

(click here for story on Hindi)


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