The Bimbo Rides Again!

The Good Lord knows I love Republicans. Truth be told, I’m pretty Libertarian… stay out of my life and I’ll stay out of yours.

But this Legislator in Arizona is either smoking too strong a brand of ‘stuff’, or somebody has slipped a Haight Ashbury tab into her punch. What is she thinking? She’s now painting a legislative bull’s eye on the back of every ‘gimp’ in the state. (If you’ve read my book, Neighbors At War, you’ve read my ‘gimp story. It’s pretty outrageous.

But back to the ‘Cute Young Thing’, aka, The Bimbo. The opinion of an Arizona attorney linked below shows The Bimbo’s other side. Her face may be pretty but looks can fool you. The position she’s putting her constituents in is pretty hideous. I would readily vote for a Republican, but this one is worth sending to the trailer out back of the big house.

(link to lawyer’s opinion of Ugenti legislation)

BTW, we’re now getting 50,000 new readers a month. No wonder she’s talking to all those reporters and fellow legislators and blasting Neighbors At War! Keep blasting, Cutie Pie. I like your smile.





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Ward Lucas is a longtime investigative journalist and television news anchor. He has won more than 70 national and regional awards for Excellence in Journalism, Creative Writing and community involvement. His new book, "Neighbors At War: the Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association," is now available for purchase. In it, he discusses the American homeowners association movement, from its racist origins, to its transformation into a lucrative money machine for the nation's legal industry. From scams to outright violence to foreclosures and neighborhood collapses across the country, the reader will find this book enormously compelling and a necessary read for every homeowner. Knowledge is self-defense. No homeowner contemplating life in an HOA should neglect reading this book. No HOA board officer should overlook this examination of the pitfalls in HOA management. And no lawyer representing either side in an HOA dispute should gloss over what homeowners are saying or believing about the lawsuit industry.

2 thoughts on “The Bimbo Rides Again!

  1. Dave Russell

    Good Lord, Ward! You’ve really done it now! “The Bimbo” will surely create some new legislation next year, banning homeowner advocacy websites in Arizona!

    Here in Arizona, we all remember Ugenti’s absurd Internet Legislation from 2013 (HB2004).

    Representative Michelle Ugenti proposed a bill that would make it a class 5 felony to impersonate someone online “with the intent to harm, defraud, intimidate or threaten.” (Please define “harm.”)

    The story here is that Ugenti herself was a “victim” of the very parody efforts she claimed the bill wasn’t targeting. LOL

    Starting sometime last year, a Twitter account popped up on the Scottsdale radar entitled `Michelle @RubbingUGently.’ It was a spoof, clearly originating from a televised crude masturbation comment during a committee hearing Ugenti made towards a male colleague.

    You see, “the cute young thing” can dish it out, but if you cross her, their will be legislative hell to pay!

    Rep. Michelle Ugenti reminds me of a Christmas gift my Grandmother sent to me when I was six years old. The package was wrapped in expensive paper, frilly bows and a cute little puppy-dog tag TO: Dave From: Grandma. I waited for weeks to open that damn box, only to find a 6 pack of sweat-socks.

    In the infamous words of -Forrest Gump, “pretty is as pretty does.”


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