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They’re called HOA Nazis for a Reason!

The word ‘Christmas’ must be anathema to some people. In fact, any word containing the letters that spell C-h-r-i-s-t makes people spit nails. Oh, they’ll use the word, but only while slinging cuss words around.

In Arizona, Roger Walklin of the Velda Rose Estates Homeowners Association, says a bunch of little old ladies who stitch Christmas stockings each year in the clubhouse are no longer allowed.

“You’re a religious group,” he said. “It’s against the covenants to allow religious groups in.”

Each year, Ferne Skidmore and her friends stitch about 3000 Christmas stockings, stuff them with goodies and hand them out to less fortunate kids.

Legislative Shenanigans in Arizona

guest blog by Dave Russell

Here’s more background to the enactment of Arizona’s SB 1482 which will profoundly impact homeowners across the state.

You need to look no further than the “stakeholders” of the bill: The Arizona Association of Realtors, CAI and the Arizona Association of Community Managers, all of which have formed an alliance here in Arizona.

This was a bunch of individual bills all log-rolled into one. Individually, each one of these groups would never have let most of this pass.

The CAI convinced the Arizona Association of Realtors “that if we all work together, everyone can get what they want.” You know, except for the homeowners living in HOAs.

Community Associations Institute (The Disinformation Institute)

guest blog by George Staropoli

Think in terms of the Third Reich and the Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, Josef Goebbels in charge.

CAI is the modern incarnation of the Ministry. If, as has happened, CAI goes unopposed with its ongoing propaganda campaign about the grand and glorious benefits of HOAs without even whispering “constitutional violations” or “de facto private governments” who will believe anything is amiss?

What? Those malcontent, troublesome homeowners who don’t know how to live in a community with rules? That handful of trouble makers? They can’t even write decent legislation! Let the CAI lawyer/lobbyists explain the issues to your legislators so you can make better decisions.

Every City Needs A Joe!

guest blog by Nila Ridings 

I can name on one hand the cities that have television reporters that will actually expose an HOA and their bad actors. Or HOAs that refuse to allow homeowners access to the financial records.  Nope, pretty much television stations have gotten the “memo” on not covering HOA stories.  Or so that’s the way it appears.  Phoenix has Joe Ducey and he doesn’t hesitate to expose the HOAs.  He actually invites homeowners to contact him with their HOA nightmares.  So, Arizonans…Let Joe Know!  And pass along a heartfelt “thank you” from all of us!
This video…intentionally blurred…hummm, I wonder why?  I’m laughing.  I know WHY and so do you.  Regardless it’s typical of an HOA meeting.  Is there any wonder why homeowners don’t attend HOA meetings?  Are they afraid of being physically hit, yelled at, and bullied?  Or do they chose to spare their nervous system the extra stress for two hours once a month?  At my HOA some of them “premedicate” from a glass bottle or an aluminum can before walking through the clubhouse door.  
Some might find it entertaining while others find it obnoxious.  Either way, “welcome” to meeting night at your lovely HOA!

The Bimbo Rides Again!

The Good Lord knows I love Republicans. Truth be told, I’m pretty Libertarian… stay out of my life and I’ll stay out of yours.

But this Legislator in Arizona is either smoking too strong a brand of ‘stuff’, or somebody has slipped a Haight Ashbury tab into her punch. What is she thinking? She’s now painting a legislative bull’s eye on the back of every ‘gimp’ in the state. (If you’ve read my book, Neighbors At War, you’ve read my ‘gimp story. It’s pretty outrageous.