Oh Lordy, I Do Love My Readers!

How the heck do you keep finding such wonderful stories?!? I’m only a pajama-clad blogger sitting in my bedroom at night trying to find stories here and there that might amuse you. But you folks are so much better than I.


A Statue of Liberty with glowing eyes!

An embarrassed and angry HOA!

And a new round of stupidity for the terminally stupid.

Lon Neuville,  homeowner in the Debary Plantation HOA got permission from his HOA to put up a replica of the Statue of Liberty. “Whatever,” the HOA said.

Well, boy howdy, if this statute didn’t jolt a few dim bulbs loose from their sockets. “Permission to put up the statue, denied!” the Florida HOA board said.

“Not so fast, ya dingbats,” DeBary said. “You gave me permission and now you’re saying you didn’t?”

“Well, we had no idea your Statue of Liberty was going to have those electrical glowing eyes!”

What a hoot! Now, both sides are hunkering down with lawyers. And the lawyers, ever the crocs in this bug-infested swamp, plan on taking a big financial bite out of both sides.

Chomp, chomp!

(link to Lady Liberty story)


Read more: http://www.myfoxphilly.com/story/24633092/debary-man-battles-hoa-over-lady-liberty-statue#ixzz32ygz066W




2 thoughts on “Oh Lordy, I Do Love My Readers!

  1. Deborah Goonan

    The ironic thing is, I lived for over 4 decades of my life in various neighborhoods that were NOT in an HOA, without ordinances against statues, yet no one ever came up with the idea of putting up a Lady Liberty replica with eyes that light up in the night!
    Go figure!

  2. Nila Ridings


    This statue issue brought back a memory of something I had long forgotten.

    When the exposure of the corruption in Quivira Falls was in the early stages one of my nearby neighbors decided it was time to video my every move. So they hid in their garage with a camera on a tripod but they were discovered by another neighbor who was randomly taking pictures one day and upon review there they were on his camera. Caught red-handed!

    For fun I got one of those life size cardboard posters from the movie theatre. I don’t recall what movie it was promoting but the male figure was about 6’2″ and had a Fedora hat on. I placed it in front of a window with a small light behind it and left the wooden blinds open just slightly. From the sidewalk you could see the silhouette of this tall slender figure with a hat on appearing to be looking out the window. I must admit there was a time or two when I forgot it was there and when I pulled in the driveway it scared the &*&* out of me!!!

    Those of us that knew what it was and why it was there really got some good laughs out of that thing. I gave it up when some high school students were looking for something to stand up at their prom entrance. If I still had it I would rig up some lights for his eyes!


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