Cypress Woods in Palm Beach County Is Going Wild Over Wilbur

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“Lawyers representing the HOA and Banyan Property Management said in a statement that they are trying to verify the medical conditions of the Halpern children as well as to verify whether Wilbur qualifies as a service or emotional support animal.”
This comment really disturbs me.  Why is it okay for the HOA and property manager’s attorneys to delve into the medical conditions of these children? That’s what we have pediatricians for!!!  And what happened to privacy policies regarding medical records?  Exactly where is the stopping point for HOAs when it comes to invading your life and privacy?
One child has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and both have ADHD.  Wilbur is part of their therapy.  He calms them.  But he sure does not calm the board at Cypress Woods!  They want the family’s pet pot-bellied pig out!
It’s been many years now since pot-bellied pigs first became family pets. I remember calling on some clients who had two of them.  Those pigs were so smart and did the funniest things! I certainly learned from that experience they can be entertaining and loving animals and just as trainable as a dog.  
Do these HOAs really think they only have cats and dogs living inside their communities? Are they ignorant enough to think people don’t have snakes, reptiles, and birds…and who knows what other living creatures inside the four walls of their homes?  I would much prefer a pot-bellied pig next door than to have a snake get out of it’s cage and crawl up into our adjoined attic!  And I’d be fine with some chickens as long as there are no roosters… especially if the neighbors shared some eggs once in awhile.  
Nobody has stated how Wilbur is disturbing the neighbors.  Or is he disturbing anybody other than the board members?  Has he chewed up the HOA’s flower beds?  Does he go wild when the neighbors are frying their breakfast bacon?  What exactly is he doing that is causing such a ruckus?  Or is it just a matter of the HOA having rules that don’t exclude pot-bellied pigs?  Mrs. Halpern was trying so hard not to break the rules.  I guess she just hasn’t learned yet that she can be fined for wearing the wrong color eye-shadow to the HOA meeting if the board decides to fine her!  HOAs have literally become about that ridiculous!
I wish the Halpern’s the best in their battle to save Wilbur, so I signed the petition in hopes it will help.  Their boys love Wilbur and he’s well-cared for so that should be all that matters!

(link to WPTV story on Wilbur)

(link to pet pig petition)


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2 thoughts on “Cypress Woods in Palm Beach County Is Going Wild Over Wilbur

  1. robert

    It’s not oppression when private corporations do it.

    Brickbat: This Little Piggy
    Charles Oliver | Jul. 11, 2014 6:00 am

    Nadine Darsanlal claims to be a disabled vet, and she says her pig Wilber is a service animal, not a pet. He even has a certification saying he’s an emotional support animal. But the New York City Health Department has given Darsanlal a $500 fine for keeping illegal livestock and a judge has upheld that fine.



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