Hang On To Your Flag For This One!

I have sworn not to do more HOA flag stories because there are just too many of them. Tonight, I once again break that vow just because the latest flag nonsense is just so far beyond belief.

A tenant, a paying renter, is being told by his property manager to take down his American flag or they won’t renew his apartment lease. That’s no dog-bites-man news story. It’s way more bizarre than that.

Steve Roberts, who lives at The Oaks in Santee California is displaying his American flag INSIDE his home! The only way anyone can see it is if he opens the blinds inside his house.

How far will the lawn Nazis go to screw up the life of an individual resident? Apparently, there really aren’t any limits.  How much money in legal bills will they run up to demonstrate their disgusting lust for power? Again, no limits.

Folks, I usually don’t encourage you to send out stories to everyone you know, but on this one I am! From our top leaders to people trying to storm our country’s borders, the hate for the American flag is palpable.

(Link to KGTV in Santee)


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