Another Neighbor From Hell

Yes, they do exist. Neighbors from Hell. And despite my anti-HOA angst I have to admit it when a certain neighbor should be hung from a yardarm.

Orange County, Florida, this woman even looks creepy. She set up a massive stereo speaker woofer system that intentionally blasted noise through her floors to drive her downstairs neighbor crazy. She could control the entire system from her smart phone.

Marianna Seachrist. What a piece of work!

It took a while, but the cops finally showed up. And now this attractive Florida beauty has a date with a judge.

(link to Marianna Seachrist facing criminal charges)

4 thoughts on “Another Neighbor From Hell

  1. Deborah Goonan

    And I note with great irony — the Condo Association was of NO help in this situation, despite all of its restrictions and rules.

    No statement from the condo association or its manager (if there is one) in this news article.

  2. Cynthia

    In my opinion the “original” HOA homeowner/investors from hell, who moved in the “original” tenants (neighbors) from hell were/are in Monroe County, Pennsylvania! Without question. What this woman did is nothing compared to what an HOA homeowner who lived beneath them was forced to endure. It appears some on the HOA board may have been in on it too, or because the homeowner questioned an apparent wrongful action by the HOA board (the homeowner did not know there was apparently on going criminality on the HOA board), so the HOA board fraudulently, knowingly and willingly filed a fraudulent slapp lawsuit to shut them up. Then, the innocent HOA homeowner was death threatened, harassed and terrorized from their home, with more abuse and on goings from the tenants from hell, and possibly others, so their home, equity and some belongings could be destroyed (on going property damages even in their absence), and stolen via fraudulent foreclosure. At least this abusive neighbor is being charged! In Monroe County, Pennsylvania, innocent HOA homeowners have no rights, no justice, no due process and no protections of the laws when those perpetrating these crimes have connections in the courts, and including, with some who are, or were on the bench. It is a disgrace and injustice and these syndicates need to be exposed. The public deserves to know who they are and what they have done to innocent HOA homeowners, like in Monroe County, Pennsylvania and other locales in America!

  3. AngelaB

    This doesn’t surprise me. I live in a stacked condo complex. I now have renters below and to the side of me. They are LOUD all the time (but not loud enough to call the cops), let their dogs poop in front of the building without cleaning it up, and leave stuff in the hallway (against the rules). I’ve complained numerous times to the HOA board via the property manager, but nothing has happened. One of the units is owned by a board member and the other unit is managed by the same property management company that manages our complex. These renters get away with anything, yet I am picked on for the most trivial stuff. I can believe in a board/property management company conspiracy to force owners out.

  4. Marianna Seachrist

    What you write is disgusting and defamatory. It’s not the truth. Facts have been left out in this situation. Corruption and abuse are at the core of all of this.
    It’s time to hear what I have to say about all of this, but nobody has let me state the facts and truth.


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