Young Boy Drowns At Remington Point HOA

guest blog by Nila Ridings

Nothing I can think of could possibly be more painful than losing a child.  Micah Wheeler was only six years old and swimming in the pool at the Remington Point HOA in Fort Worth, Texas when he drowned.

The HOA did not hire life guards to watch over the innocent children that frolicked in the pool under the hot summer sun of Texas.  They opted to pay security guards to keep the unwelcome guests out of their private pool.

The “what if” and “if only” questions will never come with an answer.  Little Micah’s family will suffer this loss and feel this pain forever.  I am so sorry for his family and loved ones.

Perhaps the board of directors will weigh their priorities more carefully in the future?

Neighborhood pools…are they worth the risks?  I think not.

(link to story on Texas drowning)

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