Another Active Duty Homeowner Gets Shafted

Shame on the Creekside Homeowners Association in Jacksonville, Florida.

In 2006, Navy gunner’s mate Mark Bryant bought a home. But that home is now owned by someone else, because the HOA foreclosed on it because Bryant hadn’t paid $750 in HOA dues. Bryant didn’t even know about the dues because he was on active duty in Bahrain.

Human vultures hang around these HOA foreclosure auctions. And some vulture picked up this home for about 10,000 bucks. Never mind that federal law prohibits foreclosure actions against overseas active duty service members. Some lawyer ought to be leaping forward to take this case.

(link to story on Jacksonville foreclosure action)

(link to Service Members Civil Relieve Act (SCRA))


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Ward Lucas is a longtime investigative journalist and television news anchor. He has won more than 70 national and regional awards for Excellence in Journalism, Creative Writing and community involvement. His new book, "Neighbors At War: the Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association," is now available for purchase. In it, he discusses the American homeowners association movement, from its racist origins, to its transformation into a lucrative money machine for the nation's legal industry. From scams to outright violence to foreclosures and neighborhood collapses across the country, the reader will find this book enormously compelling and a necessary read for every homeowner. Knowledge is self-defense. No homeowner contemplating life in an HOA should neglect reading this book. No HOA board officer should overlook this examination of the pitfalls in HOA management. And no lawyer representing either side in an HOA dispute should gloss over what homeowners are saying or believing about the lawsuit industry.

1 thought on “Another Active Duty Homeowner Gets Shafted

  1. Cynthia

    I have heard different numbers concerning the number of deployed service members who were made homeless in NC by HOA boards, attorneys and/or property managers, etc. These numbers ranged from 1400 to over 2000. I do not know if the true number will ever be known. The NC Legislature decided to refer to the HOA’s, attorneys, property managers, or others who may have been involved as “other creditors” in legislation that took effect January 01, 2011, I believe, to protect deployed service members from these abuses and property thefts!
    I have also been advised that these service members who were foreclosed upon should have been protected under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, even prior to this legislation in NC!
    SESSION 2009
    SESSION LAW 2010-190
    SENATE BILL 1400
    Took effect January 01, 2011


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