George’s Take on the Amateur Radio Parity Act

We have some really great minds in our movement. But when you ask the experts who’s in the top three… George Staropoli’s name inevitably comes up. That’s why I’m asking all of you to check out the link below, in which George discusses the Community Association Institute’s fight against the right of ham radio operators to operate in Homeowners Associations. When trying to explain to your attorney or your legislator how insidious and deceptive the CAI really is, include a printout of George’s analysis. It’s short, but it’s amazing insight.

(CAI flexes its muscle in Congress arguing Constitutional law and judicial review)


1 thought on “George’s Take on the Amateur Radio Parity Act

  1. George Staropoli

    Thanks for your support Ward.

    Your advice to your readers is on the mark. I know many of the issues that I write on are not easily understood by the average homeowner, but I write to inform those who do understand what I am talking about — the lawyers and supposedly the legislators. My materials are available to help homeowners to get the help that they need to stop the abuse and oppression. I say to your readers/followers to pass on my materials to those who should know what I am discussing.

    Thanks again Ward.


    PS. What do you think CAI will say? What can they say?


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