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A Mess In Mesa

While this blogger continues to be hypercritical of uninformed reporters, sometimes they actually do get it right when it comes to rogue HOAs.

At the links listed below, reporters and anchors with the ABC affiliate in Mesa, Arizona, knew how to ask the right questions and expose the contemptible HOA president of the Superstition Lakes Condos.

Seems that president Michael Cassady has asked his treasurer for lots of unusual ‘reimbursements’ supposedly for HOA board meetings. Things like vodka. Laundry detergents. Big restaurant bills. More liquor. In two years, $38,000 worth.

Then there’s the reimbursement for nearly six hundred dollars for ‘gate repairs’. But officials with the company listed on the receipt says they never repaired any gates for Cassady or the Homeowners Association.

This kind of thing goes on in HOAs across the country. And HOA board officers continue to insist that homeowners do not have the right to see the books and discover how their mandatory dues are being spent.

That’s what’s so beautiful about a society with a free press. Once in a while it can pry open some secrets.


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What Happened to the AZ Lawsuit Against HOA Attorney for Aiding & Abetting Missing $650,000?

That’s a headline swiped directly from the blogsite of George Staropoli, who is perhaps the nation’s best HOA blogger and pursuer of cheats, frauds and miscreants. He notes that well-known HOA attorneys were appointed by the Court as Receivers to discover what happened to about $650,000 in money missing from an Arizona Homeowners Association. Seems the court-appointed lawyers sued other lawyers for various corruption and ethical violations. But…..


…the case disappeared! Yes, it just vanished! Court cases, George notes, don’t do that unless they’re sealed. So he did some detective work and discovered that, yes indeed, somebody somewhere in Pinal County had sealed the case. There’s no record of where the $650,000 went. And some homeowners in the CD Lot Owners Association and Casa Grande HOA ought to be damned mad about it! George says he’ll get to the bottom of it, and he’s a man of his word. In the meantime, for much more thorough information read George’s blog (linked below). And if you have any leads on this nasty-smelling case immediately forward it to George Staropoli’s attention!

What happened to the AZ lawsuit against HOA attorney for aiding & abetting missing $650,000?