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HOA Embezzling Travesty

It’s fantastic news when an HOA board member is convicted of embezzling from all her neighbors. It’s horrible when the judge decides that probation is adequate punishment. Homeowners Associations are mini-governments that should theoretically be governed by the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, board members should be treated and considered as politicians. And an embezzling board member should be treated as a corrupt politician.

There’s a pretty good handful of politicians who’ve been sent to prison for corruption. Think ABSCAM if anybody remembers that one.

But these soccer moms who steal tens of thousands of bucks from the HOA? Naw, the prisons are too full. Just give them probation and restitution although that restitution is almost never paid.  Stealing from your neighbors is fundamentally corrupt because it makes the rest of us not trust the institution. Lose faith in an institution and the emotional and financial damage in the neighborhood is irreparable. Special assessments to pay for the amounts stolen can make your home worthless. Who wants to buy in an HOA when you have no idea what the monthly dues are going to be.

Don’t mollycoddle these monsters. Throw them in prison. Throw away the key.

(link story on latest embezzlement sentence)


HOA Embezzler Gets a Year in Prison

I honestly love it when I can mention the name of somebody actually sent to prison for embezzling from a Homeowners Association. While I strongly suspect that embezzling is endemic, hitting almost every HOA everywhere, most embezzlements are never discovered. The structure of Homeowner Associations (UCIOA contracts) almost urges embezzling by HOA officers. And they do. People who seek office in unpaid positions, are mostly there for a reason. They’re either ego-driven, or short-term do-gooders and reformers, or they’re looking for a chance at personal gain. Personal gain means, in most cases, embezzling. I may be criticized for my cynicism, but you don’t become a cynic without good reason.

Most cases of embezzling HOA officers don’t get any news media coverage so there’s no way to track all the convictions. But here’s one that did: Kristy Jenkins (KRISTY JENKINS!) is going to prison in Idaho after pleading guilty to felony theft. It’s a plea agreement, so she’s getting a bargain sentence. Just one year. That probably means an actual confinement of eight months.
The prosecutor says Kristy stole at least $20,000 from her neighbors, which is a very low estimate. But Kristy Jenkins is a piece of slime, just like every other thief in Homeowners Assocations across America. And she has tons of company. If every HOA embezzler was sent to prison, there wouldn’t be room for anyone else!

Not many news media people report HOA embezzling stories, but compliments are due to The Republic in Boise, Idaho. Here’s a link to their story.


Ward Lucas
Author of
Neighbors At War: The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association