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United Breaks Guitars

Eventually, all of us in this fight for homeowners rights get discouraged. The goal of educating other homeowners is frustrating. Often it seems impossible. We wonder how we can make even a little dent in the massive corruption that infests and characterizes the Homeowners Association movement.

But don’t ever doubt your power as a individual human being to change the world.

Back in 2009, Dave Carroll, a musician from Nova Scotia, was frustrated when his expensive Taylor guitar was severely damaged through the negligence of United Airlines. He was even more frustrated by the callous handling of his damage claim. He couldn’t fight back. But as a musician, he could write a song.

Now, Carroll is a star on the international speakers circuit. He’s making a fortune with his CDs, his books, his concerts and his personal appearances.

Dave Carroll is just one voice out of seven billion. Yet since 2009 his song and his story have been viewed and have impacted more than 150 million people. And United Airlines has spent a fortune trying to repair its damaged image.

The new paradigm is social media. And you and I, my friends, are squarely in the middle of the revolution.

Here’s link to Carroll’s TEDx talk, along with his song, United Breaks Guitars: