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Deborah Goonan’s Look At C.A.I.

guest blog by Deborah Goonan    Independent American Communities

Community Associations Institute (CAI) just released 4 White Papers, Community Next: 2020 and Beyond. The reports are a product of 4 separate hand-chosen panels. For the most part, CAI’s talking points rehash the same old mission. In CAI’s words:

CAI and its chapters—will always be focused on maintaining and improving property values and making communities preferred places to call home. That means collecting assessments, enforcing rules and restrictions, providing quality leadership and more—no matter what external forces influence associations.

Nothing new there. But there are a few new elements to CAI’s political agenda.

Beware the HOA Scam!

guest blog by Deborah Goonan (IndependentAmericanCommunities.com)

The HOA industry, and the politicians who support the industry – perhaps for dubious reasons – use the same talking point, over and over again:

“Vote the bums out!”

What a joke! As many have pointed out here on this blog, there are many factors that make a mockery of the fair election process in homeowners or condo associations.

The very first problem is that votes are allocated according to the corporate model of governance, and not based upon a democratic basis of “one person, one vote.” In Association Governed Residential Communities, voting interests (notice I did not say “rights”) are tied directly to the share of property owned within the association.