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G-L-O-R-I-A Wins The Lottery But Loses Her Mind!

guest blog by Nila Ridings
Who doesn’t dream of winning the lottery?  Ms. Gloria MacKenzie was the lucky winner of $590,000,000.  She is set for life…well most likely not.  She paid 1.175 million for a house in a gated HOA with a private golf course near Jacksonville, Florida.images[2]
Gloria, do you know those CAI-trained HOA board members are drooling on their Brooks Brothers shirts and dripping on their Armani shoes just waiting for you to make one little mistake so they can start assessing you with fines?  My dear, don’t you dare plant one flower of the wrong color or park your car outside of your garage on your driveway for even five seconds.  You are a retired single woman with a target on your back. You’re in an HOA, remember?  You’re the ultimate bull’s eye.  You’ve paid cash.  You have cash.  And everybody knows it.
The only consolation is:  Gloria has enough cash to buy the whole darn neighborhood if they provoke her enough!