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3am Raids on Private Homes? By HOA Officials? Stunning!

Nine residents of a Sacramento condo were rousted from their beds by armed security guards in April. They were forced into the street in their underwear, and the condos were sacked. Their belongings were through after them. They never new such a thing could happen in the “land of the free.”

Welcome, suckers, to HOA America, the land of the modern day Gestapo.

The evicted families were tenants, who’d never been informed that their landlords had allowed the building to go into foreclosure. The guards accused them of being squatters, told them they were going to be arrested and charged with burglary. The condo raid was carried out by Paladin Protection Security and the Jasmine Homeowners Association.

After two hours, the security guards apologized and left. One of them said, “Between you and me and the lampost, your Homeowner Association isrealized the mistake and left. One of them said, “Between you and me and the lampost, your homeowners’ association is a little over the top.

No kidding.

The tenants have now found a lawyer and they plan to sue both the security service and the Jasmine Homeowner Association.

Ward Lucas
Author of
Neighbors At War: The Creepy Case Against Your Homeowners Association