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Sometimes, There Are No Words!

Could this have been better handled?

(link to 100 year old woman evicted from her home)



Throw Christians To The Lions!

Don’t think for a moment your HOA has any sympathy for your religious views. Across the country there’ve been plenty of homeowners who were forced to shut down their Wednesday night Bible studies because it meant one too many cars parked on the street or the driveway.imagesCAKVSB6Y

In Katy, Texas, a young lady named Meagan Schmidt joined a church a few months ago. She says the church changed her life so much that she wanted to tell others. So she put up a small sign in her yard that said, “Journey Church.” But the Highland Creek Village Homeowners Association says it’s a commercial sign and blatantly violates neighborhood covenants.

Want To Get Really Steamed Up?

John Potter, a 92 year old veteran of World War II is trying to stay in the house he built for himself 56 years ago. It only appraises for about $50,000.  Several years ago, Potter signed over his Power of Attorney to his daughter Janice Cottrill. Now she wants him gone even if she has to evict him.

original[1]Potter’s granddaughter went on an internet crusade and raised more than $140,000 to shut her mom up. But even though that’s nearly three times the value of the house, Cottrill is going through with the eviction. She wants the old man on the street.

Sad beginning…Happy Ending!

Vet Evicted

Guest Blog by Nila Ridings

Vet EvictedAt ninety-one years old, a WWII veteran didn’t have a legal battle on his “bucket list.”

Thanks to his smart, love-filled granddaughter, Jaclyn and the outpouring of donations she acquired via the internet, John Potter will now get to stay in the Ohio home he’s lived in for more than half a century.

Thank you for your service to our great nation Mr. Potter. Because of you, the spirit of America has proven to still be alive.

Oh, and this time it wasn’t an HOA seizing a home. It was Potter’s only daughter! What a cautionary tale for all of us.