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One More Korean Veteran Tossed on the Trash Heap

Sherman McCray fought for his country in the Korean War.  He worked ever since as a long-haul trucker. He uses a wheelchair to get around.

Somehow, Sherman got about $338 dollars behind on his dues at the Vistas subdivision.  By the time he collected the money and went to pay, the Vistas in Lake County, Florida had a little surprise for him.  No longer was it $338 bucks.  No, once the lawyers, the debt collectors and the HOA late fines and fees kicked in, the amount was raised to $4272.42 and going higher ever day.

Do We Owe Them Anything?

Sherman McCray is 81 years old. He was an Army veteran who saw the brutality of the Korean War, but he fought because he thought it was his duty to protect the honor of his fellow Americans.

In the post-war years, he married the love of his life. When she died, he tried to build a life for another.  She, too, succumbed to the cruelties of age. A pension helped with some of Sherman’s expenses.

But over a period of years he began to feel the ailments and pains that take apart and disintegrate an old man’s life. After the heart attack and a gall bladder operation, there wasn’t much money left over.